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    March 25, 2013
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>> good morning. i am heather cheryleds. >> i am heather nauert. hope you all had a great weekend. it is march the 25th. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". the top five stories making news at this hour. a big rig driver claiming he is the seoul winner of the $338 million power baltic et. the oren of loves travel stops says the man called the store last night and told him his life
had changed and asked how he could collect the big prize. later this morning at 10:00 a.m. we hear lottery officials may hear the truck drivers identity at a news conference planned. >> recent renovations at birmingham airport are being investigated after a sign collapsed killing a 10-year-old boy. the family flying home from vacation winning when a 300 pound flight panel fell on them. the mother is still unconscious. two other sons also hurt. only one remains hospitalized. >> amanda knox. remember that name? a legal nightmare in italy is finally over. you may have missed the story. this is what's happening over there. prosecutors are appealing her release. they will head to court later today to try to get that murder conviction reinstated and get a
new trial. the american college student was cleared of the charges a year ago. she was accused of killing her british roommate back in 2007 and had to spend 4 years in anity tal i can't think prison. >> pope francis celebrating his first palm sunday mass in vatican city. >> he took time to remind the hundreds of thousands in saint peters square to remain humble and loyal to god. palm sunday is the final sunday of lent. it marks the start of holy week for christians around the world leading up to the holiest day on the christian calendar of course easter. >> wild weather across the country is spawning a lot of snowstorms and tornadoes. take a look at the incredible video coming out of orlando. how frightening there. fierce winds crashing through the front doors of a lowe's
store blowing shopping carts around you can see it there. out west a tanker goes up in flames after whiteout conditions led to a massive 50 car pileup. fortunately no one there died. people in kansas city are bearing a lot of snow. dumping as much as 9 inches in kansas city. that's the 5@5:00. >> what in the world is going on. with more on that extreme weather alert this storm taking aim at new york city. hi there. how much snow can the northeast expect today? >> depends where you are. if you live in new york city good news you are talking one, two, maybe three inches as far as the snowfall goes. it will be windy it will be a messy day if you are doing any commuting on the roadways or the airport plan on delays. even places like washington, d.c. could be picking up snow.
it's philadelphia along the i 95 corridor we could get a little more snow. 3-5 inches forecast out there. this is a very elevated snowfall. the higher you go into elevations the more snow across parts of atlantic. areas out west you are talking 4-8 inches widespread. some spots in illinois have picked up already 15 inches of snow a lot of snow with the system. winter storm warnings into effect in places like illinois, indiana, ohio, but as far east as new jersey. those areas could be picking up 3-5 inches of snow out there. southern areas in new jersey. wind will be an issue gusting up to 30-40 miles per hour. that could cause delays. again still seeing that snow coming down in the northern part of the state of virginia.
temperatures cold as well. feeling like twirn. 38 degrees in new york city. 33 chicago. only 27 in the city of minneapolis. in denver, right now 11 degrees. factor in the breeze and it feels even colder. bundle up only 32 in denver. heather and heather 36 over kansas city. >> alasvoiding bankruptcy and t european union approves the bail out there. is cyprus out of the woods yet? >> what's the deal here? >> tense ten hour talks ended productively. in the nick of time it stays in the euro zone. a package of rescue loans from the european counterparts. under terms of the deal there will be attack over 130,000
dollars. the second biggest bank in cyprus. that bank gets the designation the bad bank it will be wound down. the tocks on deposits will be determined today. 40 percent of people's money could be taxed. it's interesting. this is like a tax the rich kind of thing going on there. >> all of the russian have their money parkd in cyprus. they had an opportunity to save cyprus, not so productive there. if you have less than 130,000 dollars in that bank it is okay. it is safe and it goes to the biggest bank in cyprus the bank of cyprus. >> the good news it won't hurt or markets. >> cyprus isn't out of the woods just yet. moody agency warning it is still at risk of default and it can
exit the euro. that could see the euro zone through out the entire content. they will have painful consequences for cyprus. the gdp will be negative for quite sometime. right now there is how much money can be taken out of the atm 100 euros a day. there's panic over there. >> stars are going through and we don't want to have it here. >> it is time to take a look at who is talking this morning we are looking at the continuing national debate on guns. new york city mayor on michael bloomberg announcing a $12 million ad campaign for mayors against guns. in at least 10 key states to back gun control levers. >> i don't think we should give
up on the assault weapons ban. it is a more difficult issue for a lot of people. i don't know that that effects the nra's power. they have all the weapons than they do background checks. 90 percent of the people want background checks period. this is about the public wanting to be safe on the streets. this is about the public having a right to buy arms and the right to protect themselves and right to use them for support for hunting but -- for sport for hunting. it is about keeping them out of the hands of the criminals and mentally il. >> slamming the mayor's proposal saying bloomberg cannot buy the american public. >> he's going to find out this is a country of the people, by the people and for the people. he can't spend enough of his 20 million to propose his will on the american public.
they don't want him in the restaurants and homes don't want them telling them what food to se eat and don't want to toll them what self defense firearms to own. he is so reckless in terms of the comments on the gun issue. >> the senate is expected to debate gun control legislation next month after returning from the easter recess. >> john kerry made a visit to iraq sunday. he met with prime minister alaba. >> the issue is flying over iran allegedly flying over iraq to deliver stuff to syria. >> that is part of what they talked about. they talked about the local leblgss going on in iraq and of course talked about the iraq's drone in syria.
secretary of state john kerry is putting pressure on iraq's president to stop forces from using the airspace to transport what he claims to be weapons and fighters in its fight against rebel forces on the ground. >> i made it very clear that for those of us engaged in an effort to see the president step down and to see a democratic process take hold with a transitional government according to the geneva commune kay for those of us engaged in that effort anything that supports president assad is problematic. >> problematic indeed. iraq however along with iran defends the oversight. malki basically says and senior officials say that the flights are for humanitary concerns. secretary kerry says the over
flights are something that are threatening the relations between u.s. and fragility. secretary kerry goes on to say that for iraq to move forward it must have fair leblgss. he says quote there's an enormous investment of our treasure our people and our money into this initiative. the world has an interest in seeing iraq take the leading role as a functioning democracy. due though that elections will be critical. if iraq remains conclusive and cohesive it has a chance of succeeding. heather? >> kelly wright thank you so much. >> the time now 11 after the top of the hour. after a week cbs finally addresses the controversy over this memorial being used as a prop during the show "the amazing race." was it enough? >> we report you decide. >> why people are flocking to
this particular seminar. it is to learn how to grow pot. tell you where this one happened coming up next. >> as we get a break let's take a look at the gas prices. the national average is $3.67. that's the same as yesterday. be right back. look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.
>> 15 after the top you are hour. welcome back. a vile containing a deadly virus disappeared from texas. it caused deadly outbreaks in venezuela. it is being studied because it could be used as a weapon by terrorists. however officials do not believe the vile was stolen. they believe it may have been broken during cleaning. the two men who died in south
florida did not deploy their para chutes but do not know why. they appeared to be working properly. the victims are two men that jumped separately. they are part of a group from iceland who jump every year. >> c -- cbs is apologizing for a controversial episode of the amazing race. >> there has been a huge backlash over letting them go to hanoi vietnam. it is the wreckage of an american bomber plane shut down by the war. four americans and two of them died. they used it as a roadblock in the international race. to make matters even worse they had them learn a song performed by them in front of a portrait communist leader. cbs addressed the controversy
and apologized. >> parts of last sunday's episode filmed in vietnam were insensitive to a group that is important to us. we want to apologize to veterans particularly those who served in vietnam as well as to their family and any viewers offended by the broadcast. >> that apology was voiceed by the host phil hagan. he will be on fox and friends later on this morning with reaction to the apology. >> apology airing last night. that's what we want you to brew on today. the cbs amazing race controversy. do you think cbs's apology was enough. we have a full screen in the visit and just the voice over. you can send us your comments tweet them to us at fox friends first or shoot us an e-mail at fox friends first. >> there will be a lot on that one. >> i will be interested to hear
what bob bethckel has to say. >> 8 mints after the hour. save saturday delivery. why workers want to keep that one coming. >> he was brave enough to ask kate upton this question. >> so, kate, will you go to prom with me? >> did the swimsuit model say yes or is her dance card full? find out next.
>> folks are lining up outside of the supreme court today as it prepares to take up the conduct of same-sex marriageings. both laws aim to block same-sex marriage becoming legal. a decision isn't expected until sometime in june. today a palace memorial will be held for tom clemens head of the colorado prison system. you remember this he was shot dead in his home last week. he was a troubled son of a good friend of the colorado governor. he died in a shootout in the state of texas. heather? >> well postal workers across the country have a message. they want to continue saturday mail delivery. it is mandated law but the loss is threatening to cut it to save
money. karen gray of houston stopped rallies in virginia in maryland. they protested the same saturday service. >> the possibility of an end to saturday delivery looms large. the general wants to stop saturday mail delivery starting with office. the national association of letter carriers said a loud collective. >> this is part of a pre-meditated rumor designed to stop the postal service. >> union leaders more of the same. >> deliver on rday. >> they agree more are paying bills on-line but not everybody like seniors those who live in rural areas and low income
people. >> people look forward to getting that medicine on saturday. how do you tell the elderly that need their medicine that day that we are not going to deliver it. >> the money for prefunding healthcare costs for rehire res through the year 2082 which is required by law. >> we are required to prepay health benefits for retirees for people not even born yet. that monkey on our back is the monkey no other company in america and no other federal agency in america has. >> they suggest spacing it out over time. the big question is can the post master general have that service without congressional approval. >> they don't have the right to come out and say that. >> the unofficial postal treaty
says neither rain another snow saved them from the completion of the appointed rounds. if he gets his way completion of grounds could be blocked on saturdays. come ron gray houston, fox news. >> the race for 2016 already heating up. >> i always said i wanted to be part of a national debate. i think the republican party needs to figure out how to be bigger. that brings ideas to that. >> could sound like a yes. rand paul running for president? early to be talking about it. it was a packed house at a hotel in washington state. why people mrthere were learnin how to grow pot. first on this day in history back in 1968 the final episode of "the monkeys" tv show aired. i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin.
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for current and former military members and their families. get advice from the people who share your values. for our free usaa retirement guide, call 877-242-usaa. >> good morning to you. you are watching fox and friends first. >> it is half past the top of the hour. that means it is time for your top 5@5:30.
the fbi joined a five state search for a college student she was last seen at the brown university campus march 16th. he was on an approved leave of absence from the rhode island college. cbs amazing race apologizing for what it calls insensitivity from last week's episode set in hanoi, vietnam. the memorial was the wreckage of an american bomber shot down during the vietnam war. listen to this. >> parts of last sunday's episode filmed in vietnam were insensitive to a group that is very important to us foundations veterans. we want to apologize to veterans particularly those who served in vietnam as well as family and
any viewers offended by the broadcasting. >> that apology came at the beginning of last night's episode and was voiceed by the show's host phil keegan. that's what we want you to brew on today. you think the apology was enough? you can tweet them to us at fox friends first shoot us an email at a financial crisis in cyprus has been averted for now. the small mediterranean island has 13,000 dollar package loans last ditch with predators. it will keep it from collapsing. it will drastically sink the sector. >> so many people showed up for this event in washington state organizers had to turn people away. now that marijuana is legal in
that state residents want to know how to grow it and sell it. according to organizers it is a complicated process and growing it is harder than it you'lly seems. they will come up with financials to get that operation started. >> tonight at sundown jews all over the world will begin celebrating passover. they will boil kich initems to make them co sure. jews do not eat any flood with leavened flour. the 8 days marks the exodus from slavery in egypt. that is the 5@5:30. it is a winter that will not go away. in topeka kansas digging out as much as 10 inches of snow. that storm is taking aim at
washington, d.c. and also new york city. >> good morning everyone. we are talking snow. it is officially spring but yet we have winter like conditions not just snow wise but temperature wise parts of the east and west all of the way down to parts of southeast. snow coming down from parts of pennsylvania, maryland and as far west as portions of illinois where some areas have seen over 15 inches of snow in the state of illinois the heavier amounts being localized across high elevations west virginia northern part of virginia and maryland and pennsylvania. this zone is where we could be looking at heavier snowfall across the day at a rate of an inch an hour at times. it could be gusting up to 30 to
40 miles per hour at times. that could be causing delays. winter storm warning in effect across southern part of new jersey 3-5 inches of snow possible. as far as new york city washington, d.c. slushy situation at times could be coming up later on this afternoon. not a huge story across new york city or dc. coming up later on today we will be seeing and continue to pull out. by tuesday it will be long gone. they will be getting west virginia higher elevations right here. right off of the great lakes tuesday will be a quiter day. the wind will be a concern through out the day today in the northeast coupled with the cold temperatures it will be feeling a lot colder. right now 38 degrees in new york city only in the 20s in kansas city and minneapolis. as far as how warm it will get only in the 30s for minneapolis and kansas city. >> warm through out this part of the country.
>> thanks a lot. >> new york city mayor michael bloomberg unleashing a new $12 million campaign to push lawmakers for stricter gun laws. congress is set to debate new legislation on gun control. doug luzader joining us live from washington with more. >> good morning, doug. >> heather, good morning. from the president to the head of the national rifle association to the mayor of new york city the voices for and against gun control are about to get very, very loud. >> tore me gu-- for me guns are for hunting and protecting my family. with rights comes responsibilities. that's why i support comprehensive background checks so criminals and the dangerously mentally ill can't buy guns. that protects my rights. >> tell congress... >> this new ad campaign featuring a gun owner in favor of gun control laws is being
paid for by new york mayor michael bloomberg spending 12 million of his own money targeting where members of congress feel the most need. >> 90 percent of the public want something and their representatives vote against that common sense says they are going to have a price to pay for that. >> he says it is counter weight for the national rifle association which so far has successfully blocked the ban on military style guns on assault weapons. the head of the nra argues extended background checks will only hurt law abiding citizens. >> you just heard mayor bloomberg he will find out this is a country of the people by the people and for the people. he can't spend enough of his $27 billion to try to impose his will on the american public. in the weeks ahead the president will plan his bill to try to find support for cough new laws. the next couple weeks will be
critical because congress is on easter recess. members of congress will be back in their home state hearing from constituents for and against new gun control measures. heather? >> doug lou ziader joining us this morning. thank you. >> it is time to take a look at who is talking. this morning we are hearing from kentucky senator rand paul recently stole the show and the spotlight. remember that 13 hour fi filibuster? the president's controversial drone program and regained a lot of tanks after winning the presidential strong hold. could a white house run be in the senator's future? heebs what he told fox news chris wallace yesterday. >> i have always said i wanted to be part of a national debate. i think republican party needs to figure out how to be bigger. i think i do bring ideas to that. i talk with the republican national committee, committee chairman about things i think we
need to do to be competitive on the west coast to be competitive in new england and illinois. i think some of those are a libertarian approach to things. i think a lot of young people are attracted to that and are party to grow if we accept something different than the cookie cutter conservatives we put out in the past. >> does this increase your interest in running for president? sounds like the answer is yes? >> well, definitely being part of the debate. i think the country is suffering right now. i want to be a part of the answers to it. whether or not that actually is me specifically running for president, i don't know that yet. >> already talking about it. time to entertain this, though. he is the one who asked kate upton to his high school prom. >> you had me at hello. you are the ying to my yang. >> kate, will you go to prom with me? >> but unfortunately jay
davidson's dream cont come true. kate declined saying she didn't think she could make it work out. >> hopefully she wears a prom dress not that. it is being called the great fall of china. david beckham and lands on his beck side while showing soccer players how to take a prekick. he is there as an ambassador for the sport. >> movie ruled the box office the crew opened up number one with 44.7 million in second with 30.5 million was limb pus house fallen and third i want to see this, oz the great and powerful. >> i know you were watching that. >> now a look at the starting lineup. all of the top sports stories. they became the first 15 ever to
advance to the sweet sixteen after beating san diego state 81-71 last night. the eagles had high flying dunks. the list extends their fairy tale run against the florida gators on friday. the miami hurricane coming back to beat illinois 63-59 down late in the second half. shane larkin hit a go ahead three. they will face marquette in the sweet sixteen. >> cut short the final round of the arnold palmer invitational yesterday. did you see the storms there? they were amazing there. not before spectators got to see unique shots. a bid for an eagle. got hid ball stuck in a tree and had to climb the tree and shoot from the branch. how about that? in a tree. talk about a tough shot. >> tar hills loss to kansas.
sorry. >> i was at work they were winning i got home. >> you love that. >> i do. >> 20 minutes to the top of the hour. coming up he was once considered a domestic terrorist. why is biames being considered visiting scholar. come on, nowadays lots of people go by themselves.
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according to the manager on duty he got a call sunday night from a truck driver this druk trootrr said hey i bought my ticket there. he was ecstatic. he came in and checked his numbers and it turned out to be true. if in fact he is the winner he is the sole winner in saturday's drawing $338 million jackpot. he can walk away with 221 million gdollars if he goes for the lump sum. for those of us that didn't get the big jackpot we still hopeful 13 power baltic ets were sold in penn state and new jersey. they match ougall of the number.
not too shabby. a million dollars would do a lot of good as well. this is the 6th largest in history. nobody picked a jackpot since february. the largest one sold last november. 587 and a half million dollars two tickets sold to a couple. >> the latest millionaire this very, very rich man. the clerks inside that are working the graveyard shift here they are happy. they hope it brings them a lot of business and a lot of good luck. send it back to you in the studio. >> thank you teresa. i love that. love truck stop. what a name. >> the time now is 47 after the top of the hour. image this. a boulder the size of a golf cart crashing into your car. find out where this happened up next. >> travelers beware of this. s wi-fi you get with your trip could be a scam.
we are going to tell you about some of the travel scams you need to look out for. that's up straight ahead. >> see what's coming up on fox and friends. hey there, brian. >> kilmeade find out what's going on on "fox & friends." >> first off we have to get details on gretchen carlson's vacation. she has pictures photos and long explanations. the weekend will be thoroughly reviewed as well. we have surveillance video. an amazing apology to bob beckel. celebrity apprentice one gets fired and china's emerging economy. they are about to over take us in 2018. ben carson will close the show. he's john hop kens neurosurgeon who may be our next president. see you soon. look what mommy is having.
mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.
>> good morning. it is 8 minutes before the hour. one time domestic terrorist and friends to the president bill ayers a visiting scholar at minnesota state university. school administrators are not concerned with his radical past. take note for this, you will soon be able to use your tablet and e readers during cakeoffs and landings. they will announce the new policy by the end of the year. cell phones will still not be allowed to be used during kickoff and landing. >> speaking of flying travelers beware. you can be aware you can be a prime target for scammers who want your money. courtney scott is here to let us know what we need to know. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> spring and summer heating up a lot of people traveling. the first thing you experienced yourself that is the luggage thief.
>> what happens here you are hailing a taxi you put your bag in the trunk or back seat before you have a chance to get in the car the taxi driver drives off with all of your belongings. it happened to me in rome but it can happen anywhere. use a taxi stand a more reputable place to catch a taxi there's usually someone overseeing the process. ask someone to help you get your luggage so you get in the taxi together or drive off together. >> something called the hotel hacker. >> we saw a wave of hotels being broken into last fall. the device that was used it looks like a dry erase marker. it shows how technology is creating a whole new waive of scams. keep your belongings safe in the hotel use the safe that's in the room. that's what it is there for. a lot of people forget they are in a hurry they run out all of them are behind. pack a door stop. if you want an extra layer of
protection do that. >> something i am always very leery of that is streaming wi-fi. >> you show up at the cafe or airport terminal you are thinking this is great i am getting free wi-fi service here no hot spot no charges. there's someone on the other end who could be hacking into all of your information and intentionally leave that go network open. always use hot spot like the wi-fi and have it pass word protected. >> a lot of good deals seem to be found on social media but you should be aware of on-line booking scams. >> there are a lot of imposters out there lurking on the internet and using social media to catch your attention for a great deal. use reputable on-line travel agencies like travelocity that are a guarantee built in. trust your gut. if something sounds too good to be true it probably is. >> once you get where you are going also beware of tourist
scams. >> show up in a foreign country someone lures you in the outside surrounding area what you don't realize it is not all what it is cracked up to be. the person who organized the tour is getting a commission off all of the places you are going. really it's not what you want. >> taste important to book before hand. look on-line. >> trust your gut. >> i like that. >> thank you courtney. appreciate you joining us. >> five minutes until the top of the hour. the most pizza czar road rage encounters overseas find out how this ends up next. >> do you think cbs's policy was enou -- apology was enough? up next. r right here... [ chirp ] all good? [ chirp ] getty up.
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